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Liven up your lessons with some real natural history specimens and materials, or some genuine tribal artefacts.


Artefact Pack




Brazilian Amazon Artefacts & Study Kit

A selection of genuine Brazilian Amazon artefacts, together with a selection of rainforest products, to bring your topic to life. Supported by a file of 50 pages of loose leaf sheets providing information on each of the artefacts and products, ideas for related activities, and a photo CD of over 70 relevant images that you can print out for display, use for project work or in class. Whilst the activities are designed for use at primary level, this unusual collection can also be used to enhance learning at secondary level.

Price £130 (inc P&P)

Illustrated pack contains Yanomami basket, Rikbatska necklace, rubber seed shakers, small tipiti, manioc sieve, firefan, gourd bowl, bark cloth, palm fibre string, annatto, bottle gourd, brazil nuts and pod, cinnamon, cocoa beans, coffee, guarana, monkey comb, pirarucu scales, plantain chips, raffia palm fruits, sapucaia pod, seed beads, tagua palm nuts, turmeric, tapioca flour, tapioca pancake and manioc flour.

(Due to the nature of these items, they may vary from those illustrated and, from time to time, it may be necessary to substitute alternative items.  All artefacts have been sourced directly by us from Brazil and are supplied as educational resources for display.  We retain copyright of all images on the photo CD and purchase of this item does not confer any rights to use these images for commercial purposes or to publish them on the internet.)






Art Pack

Art Pack 2


Rainforest Art Pack

An exotic collection of tropical pods, seeds and freshwater shells exhibiting a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures to use for display, for observational drawing or other forms of artwork.

Sample pack contains cassia pod, dried passionfruit, rubber seeds, apple snail shells, freshwater mussel shells, palm seeds and pods. Actual contents may vary depending on availability.


£35 (inc P&P)









Embera 1

Embera 2



Embera Masks

The Embera people of Panama are renowned for their basketry skills, fashioning beautiful items from plant materials they harvest in the surrounding rainforest, prepared and dyed in their villages. These fabulous masks are the work of Elvira, Rosa, Dominga, Silvia and their families. We have a small number of these animal/spirit masks bought directly from these lovely ladies - as their village is located within a protected national park, they cannot hunt in the surrounding forest and have only a limited area around their village in which to cultivate crops. As such, they depend on ecotourism and the sale of their handicrafts to bring in an income.

As each item is a one-off, please check availability prior to ordering.


Forest Cat Spirit Mask

Approximate measurements:
Length: 23 cms
Width: 19 cms
Depth: 13 cms

Price: £60


All items are subject to availability and for sale in the UK only. Please contact us if you require more information on any items.

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