Dave & Sue Shaw's
Rainforest Roadshow







We visited Ecuador in January 2014 where we spent some time learning about the small scale processing of cocoa beans to produce chocolate. We are working on developing this for use in schools, possibly in conjunction with learning about the Maya - contact us for more details!

Whilst in Ecuador, we also had the chance to update our personal knowledge on the extent of oil exploration in the Yasuni biosphere. If you want to put your name to the campaign to keep the oil in the ground, take a look at the Amazon Watch website via our links page.


If you or your pupils are interested in getting involved in some real campaigns for your persuasive writing, or just because you care about the issues, we can also recommend you take a look at dam-building in Brazil - some years ago we visited the area on the Xingu river that is now being affected by the Belo Monte Dam, so the fight to stop this massive project is dear to us. Again you can find information on the Amazon Watch website.

We have also been fortunate to see wild orang utans in the rainforests of Borneo, so the ongoing battle against deforestation in SE Asia for palm oil production is something else we care deeply about - obtaining palm oil from sustainable sources isn't something we can put off indefinitely if we want orang utans to survive in the wild.


Next on our list of destinations is Africa - we are heading off to Tanzania where we hope to see lots of wildlife, meet some of the local communities, visit exotic markets, learn about the work of Jane Goodall, and bring back a wealth of knowledge to share ...... watch this space.






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