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Obviously we are not in control of the content of the websites listed here, but hope that they might be of interest.

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People who visit schools



Our good friend Carlos Munoz, formerly of Caliche, is now collaborating on a new project to bring the music of Latin America and India into schools.

Based in the South East, Gary the Musical/Scientific Clown visits schools with his fun and educational circus skills programme.

Midlands based wildlife photographer and author, Michael keeps some availability for visiting schools to talk on a range of subjects, from the gorillas of the African cloud forest, to the polar bears of the Arctic.

Otherwise known as Matt Lewis, Mr Bug is based in Aberdeen and can offer the chance to learn about bugs, as well as a range of other animals, and for animal handling sessions.

Based in Lancashire, Corio Raptor's Nick Henderson is able to bring some of the rescued birds of prey to schools so that you can learn more about these beautiful creatures and some of the problems they face.

Based in the West Midlands, our good friend Angie Blake has a menagerie of gorgeous animals (much loved and cared for) to visit your school, party or event.

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Keeping exotic bugs  

For those of you inspired to learn more about exotic bugs, the following websites should help you to learn about the equipment and conditions needed for keeping exotic invertebrates, and links to enthusiasts who can supply you with healthy, captive bred livestock.

The Amateur Entomologists Society

The Entomological Livestock Group

The Phasmid Study Group

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Rainforest Concern support projects around the world, working with local and international organisations to protect threatened areas of rainforest and support the local communities who depend upon them. You can help to support their numerous projects by buying an acre of mroe of rainforest in your name.

The Rainforest Foundation protects the land rights of indignous peoples in rainforest areas.

Survival International is devoted to supporting the rights of indigenous peoples throughout the world, raising awareness of current problems and spearheading letter writing campaigns.

Amazon Watch is an American organisation, deeply involved in the campaign for compensation for those suffering from the pollution of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and supporting the opposition to the building of the Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River.

Fauna & Flora International support projects to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide.

Rainforest Action Network

Conservation International

A bit closer to home, the Wildlife Trusts offer an opportunity for you to get involved with your local wildlife and learn more about what's happening nationally.

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For all sorts of information on wildlife

Our personal favourite amongst wildlife TV presenters, where you can buy his books or excellent wildlife study kits.

Centre for Alternative Energy for information on renewable energy, sustainable building and all sorts of other stuff about how to live a greener life.

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