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The Rainforest Roadshow was set up in 1990 by Dave Shaw to inspire and educate audiences about the tropical rainforests which have themselves provided such inspiration for him.

Growing up in Birmingham is not necessarily the ideal training ground for aspiring rainforest experts, but perhaps no-one told Dave! An early career in breeding tropical moths and butterflies led to his first visit to the rainforests of Costa Rica at the age of 15 - the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, he has travelled frequently to South and Central America, as well as Malaysia, Borneo, Irian Jaya and Madagascar.

Sue initially trained as a plant biologist and met Dave whilst working on the administration of the education department of a large company. She joined Dave on his travels and then as a presenter in 1999.

Dave and Sue continue to visit tropical rainforests and other wilderness areas, now with their two daughters, to gather new materials and artefacts, to expand their photographic and video library, and to continue learning and experiencing more of the natural world. We have on occasion been compared to the Wild Thornberrys!

Keen naturalists and amateur anthropologists, they are as interested in learning about the way of life of the indigenous people, as they are in seeing the diverse wildlife of the tropics. They are grateful to have spent time with tribal communities around the world, particularly the Waorani, Quichua, Cofan and Secoya of Ecuador, the Kaiapo, Assurini, Arara and Macuxi of Brazil, the Embera of Panama, the Betsimisaraka of Northern Madagascar, and many others. Their time with these genuine rainforest experts has given them a wealth of experiences and an appreciation of forest life to share with their audiences.


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The Rainforest Roadshow works mainly within schools, with the aim of bringing the rainforest topic to life. Dave and Sue have combined their extensive knowledge and experiences with genuine products and artefacts, to bring an informative and entertaining view of rainforest life to audiences at schools and public events throughout the UK, with much emphasis on the way of life of indigenous people and their role in the rainforest ecosystem.

Dave and Sue have undertaken presentations in hundreds of schools, and at venues and events throughout the UK, including:

Royal Institution
Royal Society
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
Science Museum London
Museum of Science & Industry Manchester
Warrington Museum
Wakefield Museum
Horniman Museum
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Chester Zoo
London Zoo & Whipsnade Wild Animal Park
Aberdeen Techfest
Bourne Sci-Fest
Green & Kickin' Wolverhampton

Both Dave and Sue have appeared on BBC's Bitesize series and a video diary from one of Dave's trips to Ecuador is featured on the BBC's science programme, Short Circuit. Dave has appeared more recently on Teachers TV in a programme on cross-curriculum projects.

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